Swimming in this sea of meaningless thought are listless wisps of floating fog, that point a mile up the solitary to an itch that needs a scratch.


 Are You a Spiritual Seeker? 
As a spiritual seeker, would you know if you found something?
I have been looking and reading about different "spiritual" traditions and methods since the seventies, I was hoping to find the common elements of different religions, myths, or traditions, and get a kind of revelation about the fundamental spiritual "base" of all of them. But no, as it happens, it appears that a fundamental "base" turned out to be mostly "human" (tendencies and mind games). There may not be much about spiritual connection that can be talked about with useful meaning, although very many have tried to give explanations. I think there is some fundamental human desire and need to search for meaning and to have a "what", "how" and "why", for words in your vocabulary, thus leading to all of the definitions and explanations offered up as "spiritual" practice. Maybe that kind of logical thinking only helps at the begining of a spiritual path, and is meant to always bring more questions? Can there be alternatives? Can your muse free you from your roaring orbit around your logical thoughts? It seems that being spiritual may not be a complex mind game, maybe it is so simple, you could never think of it. Maybe the "base" essence is being in sync with the universe and doing your part. Is it possible to misteak the lock for the key? There once was a fool on the high
who couldn't grab clouds in the sky
reaching right through them
only light mist was to them
but he found a good reason to fly

I have become interested in being aware of my internal mind games, emotions, and sensory input (perceptions). I feel an importance to be aware of your connection to collective consciousness, and group consciousness. It seems you started here interpreting your perceptions, and making desisions as to what to do, based on your analysys of your interpetations. As long as you are analyzing you are not you, but your logical you, when you let the desisions come directy from perception (no analisys), then you are you. Remember, the Creator never repeats itself, everything is a new unique interconnected counciousness, even your dumb ass. You may need to break away from your view that nature is mechanistic and confined to rules and regulations.

Maybe the universe is like a great organism, where everything in it is best seen as changing organisms rather than machines. If you think that there are universal laws of nature that never change and have existed from the beginning, you may want to take a more flexible outlook. Is science based on metaphysical assumptions about the nature of the universe?

Many people go through their day with the "dual" decision making guidence, one I call "autopilot", you did this yesterday so you do not look for alternatives, you just repeat what you did before. And then there are places in your day where you must go a course that you choose, a sort of compare pros and cons method, which is not "all habit". Sometimes the course is totally new, but mostly not a great variation from previous routes. Have you ever given much attention (awareness) to your "decision maker"? Does it work even without you being aware that it's in operation? Can you have a place of awareness where you can tell which "you" or aspect of you are the pilot of the "decision maker".
For me, my "decision maker" was largely about what it considered to be "ME", or what I had setup internaly as taking steps to have outcomes that resulted in more benifits for "ME", I seem to be most interested in myself, or what my logical mind has fashioned into a block of word definitions for "me". So it looks to get the most benifits for any course of action I decide to take. Like many, I have tried to be more inclined to help other people, but as I examined my "decision maker", I was still getting that helping others was still about "ME", as in, if I thought I had done something to help someone else, then I'd be doing the correct thing, getting a reward from Karma, or an advancement in the enlightenment lottery drawing. I think I read somewhere "Anything you pay attention to, will grow", and I certainly was paying attention to myself (please try and stretch your definition of "myself") in the old "decision maker". If you're constantly changing, how can you be any-one? I had made some adjustments for more better, and despite my seemingly fantasy efforts to consider others, I was still missing some of the awareness of what I was really giving attention to in my decision making. My question is, can you have your "decision maker" work from a base that does not compare pros and cons?

I really relate to this, and all that you say hear.
Good stuff.
WhatMay 27, 13, 14:16 EDT
 Awareness and Mind-Set 
If you are reading this then you have awareness, but have you noticed it? Awareness seems to be working for us when we are awake and asleep-(several meanings of asleep), and unless it is pointed out to them, people may not notice it (like the air around them) or appreciate it. Since I have mentioned your awareness, please start to notice it [pause]. . . If you think you are reading words on your computer screen, then think again, , can you be aware enough to capture that you are just seeing shades of light and color, nothing else? Could it be that your mind-(or use whatever term for councious processes that you like) will fashon this sense input into "computer screen" and also interpret the light and dark areas into "letters" and "words" and "sentences" and then use other "Idea Structures of the semi-english language" you have to give meaning (your meaning not mine) to the light and dark areas. What if you see -
"saera krad dna thgil eht ot"
- any meaning? Can you read that right-to-left instead of left-to-right? So how's your awareness of awareness going? I've spent a little time trying to ferret out what might
be true sense input and what is my own habitual translation of sensations according to my world of ideas. I began to be aware that a very LARGE amount of my view from senses, for decision making, is based on old ideas and mostly habit, and seemingly not much based on primary basic sense input with a newer-fresh evaluation (as in be-here-now). But at least I feel that I'm pulling at the oars of my boat of awareness, instead of of being adrift and asleep at the wheel.

Awareness and Senses . . .

It may help everyone to try and be more aware. . . Many seem not to be noticing much that is going on around them and may not even notice some that is happening inside of themselves.
Some times being more aware can help you in your relations to others, in your health and personal fulfillment, and in your decisions for business or finance. You can become more aware of your surroundings by using your 5 senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. I would like to share a way that I have used to stretch my senses to be more

aware. To start, maybe you can go outside? I would ask you to check your shoulders and face for tight muscles, and relax them, then go through your body and find and relax anything that is un-relaxed. Now I would like you to listen to the sounds that you can hear, really listen as if you wanted to hear something important that's far way. Try to hear ALL of the sounds that are coming to you (birds, breeze, people, insects, fans, cars). Why didn't you notice these sounds before? Do you have "Filters" that stop some sounds from being noticed, try and notice the filter you have for the sound of your own foot steps. Listen again and try to here all sounds together, not one sound at a time, push out and get smaller sounds.
Next let's see what we are feeling on our skin. . can you feel the sleeve of you shirt on your shoulder and arm? Can you feel your shirt on your back, on your stomach? Can you feel your shoes on your feet? Your pants where it touches your legs? Can you feel your tounge touching your teeth? Were there internal filters for your clothing touching you? Now try and feel all of your clothes on your skin at the
same time, front, back, legs, arms, feet. Ok Lets try our sight next, pick something farther away to look at, like a tree (or your TV if inside). Try to concentrate your vision on the tree for small details, now go the other way and notice what you see to your right or left when you look straight at it? Your peripheral vision. See if you can expand awareness to all of your peripheral vision area, above, below, right, left of what is the center of your vision. Now see if you can "See" the colors and shades of light and dark, as basic, without recognizing "things" from mind analysis. Can you get light patterns instead of trees and sky (not easy to do at first). Some visual artists can get a shadow and contrast viewpoint, if they can release their mind-set for seeing the "tree" and then start seeing the light reflected from the "tree". You can try your nose (smell) next. Try and really notice any smell, all smells, does the air have a smell? Not a smell in the air, but the smell of the air. Can you smell your own breath? You can also do your taste, can you taste your own mouth and saliva? Get an apple or grape and eat it and really taste it. When you eat lunch, do you accually taste

your food or is your mind somewhere else. Perhaps after doing some of these a few times, you can make sure you're relaxed and alert then try and do them all at once, try to hear every sound in your ears, see every sight in your eyes, feel every touch to your skin, smell every sent in your nose all at once. This is more of an effort to turn OFF your many internal sensory filters, than an effort to hear and see and feel, you do that automatically and then lose much of this input without any awareness thatyou are blocking and filtering. You might try and open up your sense awareness, and you can also try and find some of the unconscious "Filters" that you normally make to block awareness of sights, sounds, taste and touch. It may be OK to have these filters, but not so OK to be unaware of them. Try to go with your own inner direction for what this stuff may mean to you and how you can use it or if you practice it.

Give um some credit.
Take a look around you at all the things you see, hear, and smell, who ever put this together was no amateur. You might show some appreciation for the tremendous effort and talent that the Creator has produced in the world for everyone. You might try to expand your awareness by taking into account the tremendously complex (to humans) interactive creative process going on, whenever you are with a group of people and the Creator is weaving the mix of group experience that will be appropriate for all that are there, AND also fashioning possibilities for all, at times yet to come (time in your perspective).

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