Insprirational Words
Collection of Centerisms

This is a collection of quotes, statements and stories
that may inspire you to move closer to your center, the knowing.
At a deeper and more truthful level, your essence, is there a knowing that you can honor and unleash?

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A Master teaches essence. When the
essence is perceived, he teaches what
is necessary to expand the perception.
The Master does not speak of gravity
until the student stands in wonder at
the flower petals falling to the ground.
. . He does not speak of mathematics
until the student says, "There must be
a way to express this more simply."
In this way the Master dances with
his student. The Master does not
teach, but the student learns. The
Master always begins at the center,
at the heart of the matter.

The spititual journey does not consist
in arriving at a new destination where
a person gains what he did not have,
or becomes what he was not. It
consists of increasing one's awareness
concerning one's self and life, and the
growth of that awareness which
begins the spiritual awakening. The
finding of God-ness is comming
to one's self.

Somewhere, deep within each of us,
is a call to purpose. It's not always
rational, not always clear, maybe with
out obvious connection, but the
knowing is there.

In the inner room of meditation, when
silence is truly reigning and the spirit
somewhat free, the desire to receive
inspiration yeilds an inner guidence
from the deep mind. Finding a deeper
and deeper stability of
awareness within yourself.

Take charge of your attitude, don't let
someone else choose it for you.

Just as we tend to assume that the
world is as we think we see it, we
naively suppose that people are as we
imagine them to be. . . In this way
everyone creates a series of imaginary
relationships based essentially
on projection.

Never underestimate the power of
love and forgiveness.

Sometimes we get to the point where
we think about liberating ourselves,
improving our personal growth, and
this kind of process is always
perceived at the human level as
experience. Not so much a "Thinking"
or rational mind process. Even
psychology is so centered in the
rational mind, in the individual. What
happens in the actual experience is
the opposite. Everything is a process
where all the Powers are participating.
You can try to improve yourself and
you can actually do that, but not
many people get to the level where
they have the entire universe par-
ticipate in what they're doing.

What is word knowledge? But a
shadow of wordless knowledge.

Everyone seems to want answers that
are words they understand. "I have no
answer for you. I am just a man. I
can lie to you, and how would you
know if I am lying to you? Go and
look for your own answers. Ask your
Inner Spirit, the only one that can
answer your questions. But do not
expect words for the answer.

Remain open, flexible, and curious.

The undertones and connotations
concerning how to love unreservedly,
can take you to challenges that can
remove the ideas that block it.

Oh Beauty ever ancient, ever new. You
were inside me, and I was out of my
body and mind looking for you. I
drove like an ugly madman against the
beautiful things and beings you made.
You were inside me, but I was not
inside you. - St. Augustine

Think big thoughts,
but relish small pleasures.

Have the freedom to do what you are
needing for your life in that specific
moment. That's going to be your task.
This is just an instance, it could be any
kind of limitation, something which is
blocking your life, and you need to
overcome it. That's the freedom you
are looking for. Once you get there,
freedom is going to be something
different. You are going to look at the
new face of freedom, and you are
going to embrace it, and that's how we
move, that's how we walk. Pursuing
freedom, and the freedom is always
changing in front of our eyes.

Practice empathy, try to see things
from other peoples point of view.

For most people, we put the rational
mind at the top of human experience,
like it's the most important thing. If
we want to live in the rational mind,
allow it to rule as an idea of "Me",
then the other side, the silent
knowledge, is going to be harder to
sense. So knowledge from the
rational mind takes us to a place of
no balance. The rational mind takes
just a little part of the whole process
and only knows fragments of it's
own formulations. We can create
incredible castles of ideas and words,
but what happens when the silence
comes? What experience remains? I'm
talking about the fact that there is an
experience which is called the silent
knowledge, and when you really grasp
something which you are really
needing to heal in your life, it comes
from the silence. How many of those
people, how many of those big
masters, are going to be able to do
their thing without words, without
explanations? Don't explain things.
They just do it, move with centered
confidence. That's the one very
special quality, and that's a faster
and clearer way to learn.

The route you take depends a good deal on where you want to go.

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