Insprirational Words
Collection of Centerisms

This is a collection of quotes, statements and stories
that may inspire you to move closer to your center, the knowing.
At a deeper and more truthful level, your essence, is there a knowing that you can honor and unleash?

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Faith is an oasis in the heart,
which will never be reached by the
caravan of thinking.

Faith is the bird that feels the
light and sings the day's song,
when the dawn is still dark.

Try to enter the treasure chamber that
is within you, and then you will
discover the treasure chamber of
heaven. For they are one and the same.
~ Issac the Syrian

Many seem not to be noticing much
that is going on around them and may
not even notice some of what's
happening in their thoughts. It may
help anyone to try and be more aware.

Not having enough money may be a
blessing not a curse. Nothing
encourages creative thinking
in quite the same way.

In the universe there is an im-
measurable, indescribibable force and
absolutly evrything that exists in the
entire cosmos is attatched to it by a
connecting link. Take time to recall
that we are all interconnected, be
more in touch with the flow of life.

With some knowledge of  two or three
religions other than your own, you
may get a "Larger View".

As many I-Ching, Astrology, or Tarot
users have experienced, the
"Message" is often as clear as fog, and
wisdom is generated from struggling
with its various potential meanings and
indications. Ambiguity is the secret
soul of information. Unhealthy dualism
of body and spirit. As the field where
language and spirit cross, where code
and cosmos fold into each other.

A faint swirling sensation of energy.
This energy is your own mind
beginning to pay attention. When
attention is perfect, it is a point, like
a diamond.

Everything around you is Intelligent
Light. Light, it is all Energy. The Light
Energy is all, and in the Light there is
only one thing - eternal intelligence,
which can not be created or destroyed.
Light is to be played with and shaped,
which is the purpose and joy of our
existance. It is also joy to sense
beyond our perceptions, and find the
wellspring of creative power.

Everyone creates the world they
preceive, and we will all preceive
according to impressions formed
in the past.

It's about harmonizing with the tides
of creation, the emergent patterns of
nature and sprit. It's about learning how
to surf, finding your spot in the big
wave that allows you to move with the
wave and still guide your own direction,
keeping your balance to stay in the
wave, without falling into others,
so you can keep singing your own song.

This is a very valuable experience
because one of our main problems as
individuals and as a society is that we are
trying to live our lives with only half of
our awareness, which is the awareness of
the rational mind. We try to rule and direct
our lives using that part alone. This is like
being always out of balance, we are
always expecting something with the
rational mind, that life is going to bring us
a different challenge, and we find
ourselves again and again in a place where
the results are so different from our
expectations that the rational mind tries to
deal with it and finds it can't do it in
a really balanced way.

Live so that when your children think of
fairness, caring and integrity,
they think of you.

Perhapes the spiritual mind could be used
as the directional inspiration, a compass
pointing the course at that moment, an
infinite guidance. And the rational mind
could be used as a connector to put
together the inspiration and the materials
available to move you on your way.

A man can not be comfortable without
his own approval. What habit or
attitude would benefit from attention?

Often the inner small voice will tell us
things that are not something we can
"Understand" in our everyday way of
understanding, our acustomed way of
thinking. We must find another way to
sense or interpret it's direction. If we
think of the inner small voice as a guide,
it may be that we can not see it well, or
if we can get some of what it shows us,
we may not know what it's symbols stand
for, as if the guide directions were in a
foreign language. You can not be rational
with things that can't not rationalized, like
the small voice of the spirit. But you can
get "light" to see this guide, and ways to
understand the foreign language of it's
symbols, if you stop trying to "figure it
out", and let the knowing lead you to
things your rational mind could have never
thought. The inner small voice will always
give you something you can use, however
the challenge of using non-rational methods
to "understand" this small voice may be as
important as what the small voice may be
telling you.

The deepest things you need are not
elsewhere. They are here and now in that
circle of your own soul.
~ JohnO'Donohue

The route you take depends a good deal on where you want to go.

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