Almost Lucid Curious Collection
No matter what life cards you're dealt,
play them like you've got a soul card up your sleeve.
moving past the worry to a new freeform liquid you,
able to flow into new paths as a fexible festival.
Layered upon the sky I am, the sun that shines the light of a grinning racoon.
Are you acting when you are yourself?
Are you a single unchanging note? or a Chord that changes with every beat?
If you're constantly changing, how can you be any-one?
Be in a high place, like outer space.
You jump from thought to thought, like a scratch monkey,
there must be a banana, but you can't stop jumping.
Are you on a Quest, or are you in constant motion to keep life from running over you?
Are you busy Celebrating life, or avoiding death?
Do you let your mind harden as Tense-Dense?

stitched across the silent stance, floats a satin blanket of meaning? and ivory lace
almost impeccable in the dawn rain, as if picking flowers from long ago? pondering
Are you impeccable as the dawn sun,
growing flowers from cross processed creative resonance?
You need not encumber your brain with the chains of inner orators.
Do you need to burden your brain with the talk of inner debate?
Are you going to tell yourself somethig that you don't already know?
Does nature love balance? Who thought that up?
Does your personal magic transform your being,
and make your apothecary connection to the infinite?
There are open moments when the Creator's influence freely flows.
Are there dizzying gasps from open moments when the Creator's influence freely flows?
can your muse free you from your roaring orbit around your thoughts? "Let go and let be!
Is time invisible? does shades of whirling direction wrap you in new purpose?

is fragmentation your way? can being whole open your soul secrets?
do you have a horizon of wonder, where you emerge new and bright like the sun?
is there a cosmic boink/romanz balance?
are there non-reachable words? invisible words? pre-sent words? soundless words?
did god send you a memo, but you never looked in your inbox?
you got god's memo, but you thought is was a mystic sun?
do sparks of wonder fall from your mind?
do you wield the Soul Compass to be passionate, caring, alive, present, and inspiring?
Integrating active listening like the gentle breeze caressing the meadow, realm glade
do the emotion intuitive dryads gently invite you to caress their realm of the bigger story?
are you meant too blaze a trail, and leave no stone unturned, to be the one and only mystic moon.
Where is your attention? where could my attention be now? where would i like my attention to be?
What are you in sync with? Are meaningful coincidences a normal part of your life?
Are you an interlinked part of a people? Are you taking responsibility as an insepatible part of a living planet?
What songs does your motivation dance to? Do you move in the circle of the greater dance of Earth's Humanity?
Are you a pattern of giddy emotional re-runs? Or do your undigested feelings drop from the sky? patterns
Are your wits growing sharper? Or does dull remain your constant companion?
Are you a single color crayon? Or when someone takes your mark, they get a rainbow?
Are you linear and contained in a thought girdle? Or are you unraveling as the mystery?
Which edge of time are you on?
Clear Unison gestalt consensus
does the free floatin idea-energy, in creation's poetic weave, become you? or are you a scientific wonder of logic and rules? scattered
Are you azure omens of current creamy soul drip? Or are you tethered tangled taffy of the past? was history?
are u a spectrum of edge smoke from the Creator's time treadmill? EDGE of time
can you accomplish yourself?

So much for the speak balloon effect and other stuff. Maybe the colors il atch? Still more text to add to this.

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